Toyota Creating a Connected Car

April 28th, 2016 by

Toyota Creating a Connected Car

Toyota keeps surprising us and has now announced an enhanced relationship with Microsoft. Working with engineers and experts from Toyota and Microsoft, the brand plans to work on creating a “connected car” to benefit drivers in new ways.

Some of the benefits of having a connected car would be that the car may have some artificial-intelligence and be able to assist in planning/routing trips. If your destination is a hockey game, your car might suggest a place to stop and get food beforehand.

Drivers are already able to ask their phone for recommendations, but then they are often fumbling around to use the phone while driving. Even with an infotainment system, the system may recommend places that the driver has already passed. The new service would be modified to only pick places that the car is going to pass, and could even be tailored to the driver’s food and budget preferences.

The connected services can be tailored to an individual’s preferences, but there could even be medical-related options, such as a heartbeat monitor on the steering wheel. Toyota does not want to make a one-car-for-all option, but instead is working to provide an array of connected options that drivers could choose from.

Toyota Connected hopes to have the first cars ready within a year, and we at South Bay Toyota can’t wait to see how the new technology makes driving a Toyota even better!

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